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Self Publishing versus Traditional Publishing

We at Hylas Publishing have worked hard to promote other people’s books over the years.  But it is becoming more and more apparent that self-publishing is the route or the future of publishing in general.  But does that mean that Publishing companies are dead?

“Is the Publishing Industry Dead or Just Re-Inventing Itself”

We would like to think that the right answer is a little of both. If history is a good indication, those publishing companies that hold to the old ways will die. Over time they will find themselves losing customers and when the time comes, they will surely lose most ground.

Kodak is a great example of this. Back when digital cameras were just coming about, Kodak believed it was a fad. They believed that it would quickly die off and people would go back to film cameras.  And even when it was apparent they were wrong and other companies were jumping ship, Kodak still held on to that belief.  Riding it all the way to oblivion.

Self Publishing versus Traditional Publishing

Graph displaying how self publishing is overtaking physical book sales.

And just like Kodak, many large scale publishers will fall prey to the same fate.  But many will get the clue and start to shift to digital and offer their potential writers more incentives to go through them then to do it on their own.

Think about it!  Years ago, you couldn’t publish and be successful without a publishing company.  Just the logistics alone made it so that self-publishing was non-existent.  But now you have writers like Hugh Howey who stand against publishing companies and promotes self-publishing as the future.

So What Does this Mean For Us?

Well, we at Hylas Publishing will be shifting our service from a more traditional role as a publisher and will start to look at ways to help with the self-publishing platform.  We will not be looking for ways to ‘cut’ into profit, but instead look at providing service for those who are looking to do it on their own.  However, what we are finding is that most people need help with this.

Kindlepreneur.com is a great site that discusses this aspect of the game and we share in their zeal.  According to the author of that website, authors forget to transition from the pen to the market.  They fail to realize that authors don’t sell book, but marketers do.  What the author is saying is that for a book to succeed in self-publishing, the author needs to become a marketer and basically perform the role that traditional publishers performed, way back in the day.

And do you know how to do that?  In many cases, book publishing and marketing isn’t about “if you write it, they will come.”  That only happens in the movies.

So, where to begin?

If you want more information on how you can self-publish and thus self-market, contact us.  We would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.  We believe in good karma!  But if you want to focus more on your writing and leave the marketing to us, then we can do that too.   Just contact us through our contact page and we will be more than happy to setup a skype meeting or at our office building and look at your submission and perform a ‘digital’ release of you book.

We at Hylas Publishing want to keep with the times and have seen what Amazon Kindle has done to the market.  And like most companies that survive such dramatic changes in the market, we are adapting to fit your needs.  Let us know in the comments what you think!


homeschoolingAs soon as a kid has learned reading and is consistently pushed with different and progressively challenging picks, he can effectively teach himself just about anything just by reading. That is one of the incredible benefits that your child gets with reading. Developing such kind of reader will require a few thorough planning. Challenging your youngsters to think critically, while reading is an excellent strategy to use. It activates and exercises their brain and imagination, develops ones speech and enhances their writing and conversation competencies.

Start by developing a powerful reading skill

Control their routine of watching TV, internet browsing, video games and other leisure activities that are not really beneficial to their reading activity. Let them understand the importance of reading and how these leisure activities can be unfavorable in their personal development. If you can effectively explain these things to them, it will surely be easy for them to love reading more than those electronic enjoyments. Give your kid a combination of books to read through at various reading levels. Books in various reading levels will be more interesting to them than of those books that are all challenging in their level. Remember, your goal here is to let them become more engaged with reading and not to frustrate them. It is a great strategy to offer your kid a quality book that is comfortable at his reading level and then the next book must be one level up. This method is just enough to challenge him slightly.

The most effective way to offer this different reading levels of book materials is by switching them or mixing them up so that they will progress according their pace. You may create a list of good quality reading materials that you would like to introduce to your youngsters then let them decide which of these books they would love to read. In this manner, you can guarantee that the books your kids will read are the ones that is close to their hearts and not the ones that you desire.

Homeschooling is a very advantageous strategy that you can do for your child so that they still learn even when they’re just at home. For those who are interested in homeschooling program that is literature-based, here are a few excellent venues to consider, Beautiful Feet, Books Children Love by Elizabeth Wilson, Sonlight Curriculum.

Homeschooling can be challenging at times but it can be really fun as long as you know exactly what your child needs and you know exactly what he will enjoy.


Indie AuthorAs soon as you have chosen to self-publish a book then it will mark the start of having a full control over it. You will start your creativity through writing. Then you will also take full responsibility towards your book cover design, formatting, its price and of course the your decision on where to sell them.  But remember, being an author will require much patience, wisdom, knowledge and discipline.

Now let’s focus on being an Indie Author. If you are an Indie Author, do you think you can target your audience when you promote your books?
Remember, one of the biggest challenges an indie author will encounter is on how they can target their audience. So here are few ways to market and promote your book without spending much:

Connect with book bloggers. Book bloggers are everywhere over the internet so try to network with them and take advantage of their influence to entice their followers to look at your publication as well. Be aware of bloggers who publish their critiques on indie books. In order to find these book bloggers, try to access all their listing from directory sites and try to sort them out to bloggers who accepts indie authors.

Find a good site who can promote your work and you as an author. Considering the fact that as an Indie author, you don’t have that enough connections and time promoting your work so you may try to find a good site that will arouse the attention of audience to become acquainted with you and your work, someone that will publish pertinent details regarding your authorship, your website and social networking profiles that allows your target audience to connect with you and those who will offer free give away.

Engage in book forums – There are plenty of books forums that you can find online. You may try to sign up to one or a couple of these forums and engage with other authors. Participate in author’s discussions and share your thoughts concerning the world of publishing including your very own masterpiece. Here are few interesting forums dedicated for book authors and book enthusiasts:
Amazon Discussion Boards
Kindle Boards
Library Thing
Mobile Read
Nook Boards

Optimizing your website. If you are an indie author who has a website, you may optimize your site by promoting your contents in the most natural way. You may start blogging every day, or once every week and talk about anything related to publishing. You may also read some other blogs and connect with other bloggers by leaving a nice comment to their posts. This is another way to build a good relationship with other authors at the same time optimizing your website naturally.

Get social. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are among the popular social networking sites these days so try to make use of these tools to promote your work. If you have a Facebook profile, you may try creating a Facebook page for your publication. Post some valuable contents to your Facebook page or if possible, hold some contest or give away some freebies to motivate users to like your page and connect with you.

These are few of the helpful marketing strategies that you can do for your publication without spending too much. Provided that you keep wholly committed to your aims, and you know how to profit from the huge resources of the online world, you can always achieve your desired goals much like all profitable indie authors.


book reviewerPresently, reviewers are maids of huge publishers. Instead of going through the bulk of newly-published publications in look up for intriguing and authentic concepts to offer to the open public, and behaving as referees of value, modern-day book reviewers acquire their bread by marketing up books released by huge publishers, and changing them into “bestsellers” items. A few years back, a book named “The Memory of Running” was distributed to a huge publisher for approximately $2 million after being declined as rubbish for 15 yrs. The fortunate break emerged right after the writer make contact with with Stephen King while doing an audio book for him. From that time, the book came to hype and became a bestseller and that is because it was published by people who were in a posture to make book reviewers soar.

While in a panel conversation by the New York Times book review personnel, I had more strong affirmation that this is how book reviewers function. One question that came up in my mind, “if all review distribution were created anonymously, leaving no clue as to the information of writer or publisher, would various set of publications be picked for evaluation altogether?” They suggested that this may possibly be a greatly exceptional way of doing stuff, and confiding that a recent novel by a household-name author would have never been analyzed under such assortment coverage.

Unexpectedly, this is specifically how book reviewers used to do the job in earlier years. In early 1900s it was achievable for a book anonymously released by its creator to get some half dozen journal testimonials simply on the value of its attention grabbing concepts. In the recent book review world, however, this would be impossible.

Possibly, to save their particular community, book reviewers should significantly think about extricating their selves from the far-too-close grasp of large publishers, and of picking the general public as consumers, as an alternative of the publishers, by basing their choice, just as it had been a one hundred years back, only on value, and entirely disregarding irrelevances such as the identification of author and of publisher.

The general public would be thankful to book reviewers for rewarding thoughts introduced to its interest, the fellow-journalists would value reviewers for going after newsworthy stuff, and the administration would see that book reviews are an advantage, and not a burden. In this case, which is the only sensible way for book reviews to prosper, rather than die.


literary worksSelf-awareness is dependent on expression and in understanding a person’s abilities. Self is in constant change and hardly ever shows up similarly as same as it is. We can also represent upon our self from a range of options such as other individuals, films, tv sequence and literary works.

When we think about the distinctions with the creative reflection of literary works and films, we discover that one of the crucial distinctions is in that the literary works is exploring the inner encounters of the personas with words and phrases, offering also the conversation which the characters use to convey those inner encounters in response, where in contrast the person enjoying a film must consider the inner encounters from a range of outside postures, therefore concentrating the person’s understanding to analyze those postures. When we then think films as a resource for self-reflection, we can discover deep existential styles and such, but when it for example comes to convey what is mirrored in relativity with films or tv series, we find its direction to be more on performances, postures and emotional scenery created through face expressions, music, quickly exceeding chain of incidents and hues of voice.

Literary works relies more on the content material instead of expression by means of postures. They are at their best in the field of the deepest existential concerns and facts that fabricate the human encounter such as the inner conversation over the concerns of mortality, the life and ideas of significantly rooted wisdom and knowledge of the historic spiritual figures, and in such constructs of thought that together, although not indicated by the figures to each other, generates the chain of connection that leads to the ending of the story line, making much more comprehensive illustrations of the figures while doing so.

When we now evaluate these 2 diverse types of creative expressions, we find that the literary works generates more a posteriori insights from the characters than what must be deduced as the inner encounters of the characters postures in a priori. Therefore, the use of literary works in the development of self-awareness can be regarded as providing more direct understanding of the human encounter to survive through with. What we go through or observe is what we become mindful of, such as the pursuit of the unidentified edges of our very own self. In literary works we therefore create our unique self-awareness in relativity with a posteriori information produced to the characters, in which we build with films and TV series our deductive skills of the inner encounters of characters and how we can exhibit pictures of our very own self, as the sub-conscious barely makes differentiation involving tale fantasy and real truth.


Desktop PublishingWhen you publish a book, the information found inside it has to be replicated in the book design. A lavish style and design with borders and script fonts is appropriate for certain publications, while those very simple, fresh design is suitable to other types of publications. For instance, in a children’s book design, the text being used in the content should be simple and big enough for the kids to read. Always think about the look of your book both content and the outside look. It must reflect quality and impression of a real expert author.

Desktop publishing software is one of the tools that you should invest to. If you have good knowledge in using this tool, the better, because it enables you to create a wide range of elements, from menus to magazines and books, without the cost of commercial publishing. However, if you don’t exactly know how the tool works, it is better to hire someone to do the job. There is a greater advantage if you hire someone who knows how exactly a publishing software works. It saves you time and effort. A book designer’s expertise and knowledge with the functions offered in professional desktop publishing software make all the difference to your book’s final layout. In addition to getting to put each of the components of your manuscript together in an eye-catching structure, the artist will layout a book whose development is as reasonably priced as they can. A book that appears to be excellent when you open it needs talent, effort, and thorough attention to detail to produce it the way you expect it to come out.

The book artist will deliver your publication to your printing device in a hassle-free formatting. The artist is aware what exactly queries to ask the printer, knows his guidelines and submitting specifications, and knows what kind of paper is suitable for a certain work. He or she will pre-flight the document and present any specialized details that the printing device requires. A data that is not organized based to the printer’s requirements could possibly turn out looking extremely different from what you view on your computer monitor, and the printer is likely to add additional costs to make helpful modifications. Additionally, a good book artist usually takes ego in his or her job. The skilled artist will certainly perform his or her best to help make your book a satisfaction to read, fascinating to the reader’s eye, and even adored and emulated by some other creative designers.

Remember that a good book design helps increase your book sales. An elegant publication explains to bookseller or reader that you value your book. People are more likely to purchase it if they find it creatively interesting. Therefore, make sure your book is well-designed and typeset. This will profit you and help your book achieve success. You have already put valuable time and effort into writing the manuscript. Now, it’s time to produce an outstanding book from beginning to finish.


images (1)Print-On-Demand or POD Publishing is becoming popular in the book publishing business. POD publishers are growing across the globe mainly because there is certainly a massive demand for publishing businesses that will take on everything the community can crank out. As a result, any individual who would like to be published can really be published this time. While this is excellent for an individual who just desires to create his memoirs and hold it in the family members, this publishing method of publishing has its downsides for the serious author.

Every POD is distinct in what they will provide in their programs, and you need to be mindful of POD’s that do not reveal all charges up-front. A lot of POD’s will charge for every single procedure just like ISBN numbers, printing charges, book cover design and style, layout services, listing services and internet, other marketing services etc. You need to generally evaluate each services they have and offer. And there are things to consider prior to choosing which one to employ. How many years has this provider been in business? This is an extremely a significant component, to avoid those POD’s that have shaky business enterprise . Generally speaking, you must not ever look at a business except if it has a history of at least five years.

The most effective approach to determine just how a business rates is to go straight to the origin. Read customer feedback from other writers that have employed their products and services. Then inquire the publisher for three names and email addresses not on the testimonial list. If the publisher will never discharge that info, check their website. Investigate their authors, find email addresses and make contact with them. It’s amazing what you will discover about a business by speaking with these people who have actually used their services. You will find out if the company is sluggish, if they return email messages quickly, if there are strange agreement condition, and if that business is well worth your investment decision.

You should also extensively investigate the publisher online. Look for grievances or posts about the firm and look particularly for the publisher’s website. In any case where the publisher does not have their very own website or domain make sure you get rid of them because most of them are surely bogus publishers. Never ever work with a publishers who only uses a sub-website address. Take note that a serious and reputable publisher will always have a proper and legitimate website.

We hope that with these simple guidelines, you will be able to identify which POD publisher is reputable and worth your money. Always use your research skill before investing.


literatureIt is usually explained that literary works feature the very best elements which have been believed and explained in the community. It is the reflection of human’s existence and it works with almost everything associated to our everyday life. There are a lot of positive aspects of reading through literary works. The study of literary works increases our sensitiveness and gives us with a specific degree of notion. It controls and supports us up in our moments of gloom, encourages and ennobles our values. It assists us broaden our perspective and establish our individuality. In fact, it has different rewards. It has instructional rewards, intellectual rewards, interpersonal rewards and mental rewards.

It is generally endorsed that reading through literary works is enchanting. It provides people enormous enjoyment. Young learners go through various types of literary works quite simply for satisfaction. Good literary works will help them build a reading routine and this routine features a constructive influence on the academics as well. By simply reading it, learners get exposed to the realistic usage of vocabulary which will eventually leads to on the improvement in their writing skill level too. Learners can greatly improve their very own language by reading through it also.

A literary work does not have a single meaning only. It typically has a surface interpretation and a fundamental connotative interpretation. In order to fully grasp a word thoroughly, a reader has to dig much deeper with it. A word can be understood in diverse approaches. This builds up the thinking power of the learners. Readers of literary works take pleasure in a more significant potential to assume and reason about the community than any other individuals.

One other advantage of reading literary works is the interpersonal advantage. A reader resides in a certain community and can be impacted by several unfavorable factors from the community. However in literature they come to realize about numerous personas coming from distinct societal classes, races and cultural communities.

Lastly, the very good thing about reading through literary works is the psychological reward. Literary works is the subject of liberal knowledge and its primary item is to establish human individuality. It is meant to deliver about a unified advancement of the human being’s thoughts to develop a sensible character. Reading through literary works can increase readers’ psychological spectrum. Fine literary works can support readers to get rid of negative sentiments like frustration, stress and loss. Additionally, it can also aid readers establish optimistic sensations like love and compassion for other people. It provides readers an option to grapple with and practice solid feelings in a secure environment with no feeling weighed down by those inner thoughts. As you can see, these things are very beneficial to you. It is not just about enjoyment but a very good source for your own development in different aspects.


Jusliterary workst like all kinds of art, literary works in the form of poetry, novels, and plays offers people an option to run through situations and handle the ultimate life issues.

Here are few of the reasons to learn about literary works:

Values – Among the list of ideal approaches to talk about values is usually to work with real world instances and case studies. However, like other books, all these can usually are not quite interesting and you will often be bored. These pushes us to look at intricate challenges without appealing to the real world intricacy and framework of a presented scenario. Perhaps surprisingly, great literary works might present this specific intricacy and framework despite the fact that the personas and scenarios explained are unreal. On this framework, we are able to employ literary works to analyze difficulties in ethics and probable answers to moral issues.

Narrative – Many of us usually study much better by reading and telling tales as compared to merely wanting to discover details beyond situation. For this reason, it is ideal to discover historical past as a narrative. However, history books usually do not read well as stories. With literary works we now have a ready-made medium into understanding about the history in an enjoyable and interesting means.

Find solutions to problems – Literary works, generally, can give people an idea in solving certain problems. Despite the fact that imaginary people do finish up in exotic challenges, usually, they are not totally different from our personal challenges and although I am not reasoning that we should to do as imaginary people do, we can often learn about anything by the ideas that can be obtained in the research of literary works. Even if we study what not to do this is certainly a beneficial lesson.

A good example – Literary works gives people with an extensive variety of personas to analyze and several of these might be applied as great role models. Just like actual people, imaginary people, which can be found on good literature, are usually problematic but this enables us to discover the full intricacy of humankind once we make a decision which role models to replicate and which is not. Even the best real world characters have features we really need to refrain from.

Individuals usually check with the reason that they are expected to study history works of fictional works that seem to be unimportant to their particular daily life these days. However, the ideal works of literary works continue to be read and researched accurately considering that they include character types and topics that are amazing. Reading only current and clearly appropriate works declines us the chance to learn about the broad selection of resources and restricts each of our opportunity to only what we can observe instantly ahead of us. However, the world is huge, both geographically and historically. Literary works supplies an engaging means to discover this lessons and can be a eye-port onto a number of other essential topics in the program. It could also demonstrate us how all these things link up and affect our everyday life. With all of these rewards it is well worth studying the wonderful works of literary works.



The power of reviews

2Your target readers are everywhere but they just don’t notice your book. You need to get the spotlight so that they can notice you, see you, your work of art, your creation, your book. As the saying goes, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, however, readers can sometimes be so judgmental. They look into your book cover. Do they love its color? Do they find it cool or dull? Then they will look into the title. If they find it interesting they will try to check on the price. Is it something worth reading?

Then here comes another reader. A different kind of reader. A reader who’s looking for quality reading materials. Her/his main concern is not the book cover or the author’s name, not even the price but the reviews. If they like what they read from other people’s feedback, then the greater the chance that he/she hits the order button and purchase your book.

As an author, especially if it is your first time, you have to remember that having an attractive cover, or a good content and good price is not enough. What you need is exposure, more and more exposure. Why? Because as mentioned above, “readers can sometimes be so judgmental”. Aside from that, this world is in big competition. Standing still won’t make you win, you need to run and try not to be left behind. If you want success then work for it.

If you want to get reviews, you may want to consider book review service from a professional writer. Or try having a giveaway online in exchange of good reviews. How about asking your close friend or relative to write a review for you and in exchange, they will provide good feedback for your book. You see, these are just some of the great and simple ways you can try to market your self published book. If you will just try to be more creative, you can still come up with some other marketing techniques.

Positive book reviews are so helpful, particularly to self-published authors. It’s a great way to promote your writing and be noticed by people. The more reviews you generate means more sales and not only that, reviews can also help promote your other writings or your future writings and you as an author. Another good thing about reviews is, it help other readers see the best part of your book because most of the reviews will highlight the best part or the relevant sections of your book. For readers who have read your work, reviews can also urge them to write their own reviews for you. This just means that your book exposure is getting wider and wider.

So as an author, never neglect the power of reviews and be creative, try to do something to generate some reviews and in near future, you will see another fruit of your labor.